Interrupt, Gravedigger's Daughter

               December 2021 - Waldoboro, ME

    Cataphasis,  Roberts Gallery 

                 March 2021 - Cambridge, MA

     There/Their/They're, Oranbeg Press

                Nov 2020 - Brooklyn, NY 

     Lazy Susan  II, Blue Arrangements  

                May 2020

     The Fruits of Our Labor, Roberts Gallery

                 May 2020 - Cambridge, MA

     Virtual/Visual Conversation, Redirect Gallery

                 May  2020

     34GBs A Day, University of Salford

                 May 2020 - Salford, UK

     Memory Bank, Redirect Gallery 

                 Juried by Alex Jackson 

                 May 2020

     Trying to Hold Still, Power Plant Gallery

                 Juried by Alanna Styer 

                April 2020 - Durham, NC

      Undergraduate Photography Now VIII, A R E A Gallery

                 Juried by Greer Muldowney and Gordon Wilkins 

                 March 2020 - SOWA Boston, MA

      Two Eternities, Redirect Gallery 

                 April 2020

      Stroke of Luck, Redirect Gallery

                 March 2020

      Lazy Susan, Blue Arrangements  

                 November 2019           

      LA+D Pop Up,  Kathryn Shultz Gallery

                 March 2019 - Cambridge, MA                                                         

      FieldWorks, Eastern Bank Gallery

                December 2018 - Cambridge, MA

      TakingIn: Best of LUCAD Photography, Raizes Gallery                      

                Juried by Agnieszka Sosnowska, Jessica Hong, and Irina Rozovsky 

               May 2017 - Cambridge, MA


      Lesley University NewsAlumni Exhibition

                October 2021

      A New Normal- Darkside Collective, Issue 2

                November 2020

      Common Thought- Lesley University Literary Magazine, Issue 30 

               January 2020

      Sweet, Polemical Magazine Volume 1 + Volume 2 

               September 2019           

      TakingIn: Best of LUCAD Photography (2017)

                Juried by Agnieszka Sosnowska, Jessica Hong, and Irina Rozovsky

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